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Search Engine Ranking

With website promotion and professional web design, search engine ranking is what makes Wisconsin the best choice for your business.

Most businesses get their name, a basic web design and miss the website promotion. Once they show in a few search engines they figure the people will beat down the doors to buy their goods. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and the blame first goes to the web designer then the hosting service and so on. WisconsinRapidsWeb takes a different approach for we want your site to succeed which is as good for us as it is for you.

Web Design

Is only the first step although an indispensable one. We insure that your site has good flow, just the right balance of graphics and media to fit most users. Good web designs and promotion is the "sizzle" that will keep users returning to the site. Regardless of how long you've been in business a new web site is no different from starting a new business. You site is tested across the popular browsers in use and are designed to not only look and work great on the internet but on TABLETS and PHONES also.

Search Engine Optimization

Once the site is ready for hosting the next most important area of concern has to be search engine ranking and optimization. Most sites fail in this point because the business owner doesn't realize there is more to life then sending to a search engine. Once placed, it can require up to 2 months for your site to show up. If the page code (not what you see) is bad, then most engines will ignore you. Search engine optimization also includes off page optimization which include links back to your site and makes up the greatest part of your site ranking. All these pieces of the puzzle effect how you rank among the millions, yes millions of competitors. Sounds bad but the good part is that most of those competitors fail in good search engine ranking and optimization so you could beat them to the top, or at least the top 30. How do you get there from here? You hire a service that would cover all the optimization areas for you with promotion and design.

What WisconsinRapidsWeb Offers

  1. Complete Web Page Design
  2. SEO (search engine optimization) and Linking service
  3. Site rank tracking, very important to track for it could change fairly quick in the wrong direction.
  4. Complete hosting service and email setup
  5. Database design
  6. Fast response and service
  7. Photo Gallery
  8. Email addresses
  9. Databases for sales
  10. Shopping Carts simple/complex
  11. Tablet and Phone compliant " if your site is not a responsive site you wasted your money"
  12. Absolutely No Wordpress Sites ( search google for wordpress hacks to see why )
  13. All NEW websites are https compliant.


Although some sites need our complete service, most only need a few services and we have priced out our services accordingly. We want you to succeed and through your success we will achieve ours

Web Site Auitor.

We track your site for its quality and information that needs addressing

The First Step is Yours

by filling out the a small form we will give you a free consultation as to what would be needed to improve your site and what the cost would be. Contact Form>

We look forward to helping you with your website promotion from web design to search engine ranking and optimization. WisconsinRapidsWeb can ably help you to achieve your web goals from web design to sales. Your first step to higher search engine ranking, optimization and web design is WisconsinRapidsWeb.

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